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http://www.unlimitednewpatients.com/wp-content/vte/the-grace-goes-with-the-chair.php There's no oatmeal-middle statement that actually means anything. And, to that end, I would not run away from the "meta discussion" as the original poster who led to it. I intended to spark a discussion about the expectations of this acquisition, rather than a discussion about the way we and our online communities react to news like this. But you get what I mean, yeah? Like, nobody has any interest in "the merits of the acquisition".

It's all feels-based. It's whether you like conglomeration or not. Spoilers: I don't, don't, don't! To that end, your original question would totally sprout up the discussion it did. It couldn't not. I have certainly at times been excited about companies I like getting acquired by other bigger companies I like, simply because of the vast resources that can be made available to the smaller company.

I think it's a useful discussion to be had. I think where you have put forward your feelings, there will be 10 or 20 more that don't feel they can for the same reason. Acquisitions are a genuine thing to fear when it's a service you know and love. I'd say the gut reaction is natural. I don't think this is a case of aquire the talent and dump the service, the worst possibility for service users, but there's always a risk Humble Bundle won't be the same due to corporate demands and undisclosed strategy behind it.

I have purchased a fair amount from Humble bundle, and have been a subscriber to the humble monthly bundle since it's inception. Suffice it to say, I have a great appreciation and admiration for the way Humble Bundle works worked? Meanwhile, IGN has been around a lot longer, and has earned a terrible reputation for selling reviews and generally being shameless.

I lost all respect for IGN long ago, and I absolutely refuse to contribute to it in any way, so I've cancelled my humble bundle monthly subscription. Is there a name for the feeling you feel when you're watching a movie and the bad guy wins? That's what I feel now. One or two anonymous allegations does not a "reputation" make. When someone puts their name to it and brings evidence to back it up, we'll talk. As-is, this is just a meme among the angrier gamer community. Its got the reputation, calling that reputation a meme is you going out of your way to use a term other than reputation.

Whether or not its true is a separate thing. I think that you failed to pick up what I was putting down, and that is that the important bit of that sentence is not meme , but rather the angrier gamer community --the side of the community that is so very worried about ethics in games journalism except only when women or black people are involved and who are so very mad at Bethesda for making a game about shooting Nazis--who are the source of that meme.

It is not credible and it should be roundly shot through when it pops up because of that incredibility. Humble Bundle had earned plenty of good faith from me where IGN has none. I am assuming this is not a 10x exit.

That's a curious way to phrase "Congratulations on making a company which has sold several hundred million dollars of software. Yeah, I'll take the upper. Not a hard call. This was clearly a very successful outcome for all concerned. Do I still think 10x is plausible on that? Plausible, not nearly a given. I have paid them a few hundred dollars over the years for video games.

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I didn't read GP's comment as tearing down. Well, the company got bought by a third party with dubious reputation, which will most likely lead to "service that people love" deteriorating and possibly getting cancelled. This is not a good news for people who were fans of the service.

It definitely doesn't look like a success for all concerned. Basically, HB is seen by many myself included as a great service to have, not as a great trick for some people to get rich. Not tearing down; I am legitimately curious about the VC perspective and no one else had mentioned it so far. Not even in the article! Correction: "software that it not theirs". If everyone had to sell their own software themselves, a lot of good software would never be made. Don't discount the value of a curated marketplace. By all accounts the quality of their curation has significantly dropped in the past 2 years.

Lots of junk bundles nowadays. Hopefully the founders and employees were somewhat reasonably compensated for their risk and trouble. To be honest, I haven't cared for Humble Bundle for a very long time. The first few were amazing: all cross platform, great stuff. Since then they've branched out Into becoming a glorified Steam sale. It may be a viable business model, but I don't find it terribly enticing. SCdF on Oct 14, I kept their emails in my inbox for a long time, even after being burnt out of their offerings for some time, just like you.

Recently I saw a humble book bundle that included a book about the healing power of crystals. At that moment it became clear crystal clear even! The crystals only work if you let them in, man. Same here. They've not been humble, indie, or a bundle for a long time. Par for the course. Similar disingenuous commercialization is rampant through the games industry: see what Valve has done to Steam, and what major publishers have done to their titles vis monetization. Unfortunately the games industry is floating in too much money for another crash to clean house.

I think that's not really fair, only a few bundles a year are actually labeled "Humble Indie Bundle", and those do usually fit the bill and check all three boxes. There were 13 Humble Indie Bundles since and 94 other types of bundles not counting the Weekly Bundles. And those other types often include audiobooks, ebooks, comics etc. There was also extremely commercial stuff such as the 2K bundles, but hey, it's always labeled as such. I think this feeling is due to evolution. Humble Bundle started as Humble Indie Bundle, only later it turned into a brand.

Steam destroyed all rationalization I was using to be ok with DRM by locking my account for 3 weeks shortly after I opened an account. TillE on Oct 14, I still don't really trust GOG after the whole "we're shutting down, too bad" PR stunt several years ago, but it's true they're a reliable distributor of DRM-free games which you can simply download and keep forever. What happend with that PR stunt? Certhas on Oct 14, Completely agreed. There really isn't any confusion on the website about any of that. And the book and audiobook bundles have been fantastic, too.

SeanDav on Oct 14, I have 1 major issue with Steam, you cannot share individual games in your library and play a different one yourself. If you have games in your library and want to share one with your kids, you cannot play any other game at same time. Interested to see what other criticisms you have.

Actually, you can I assume you use Family Sharing. Either you or your kids Steam client needs to go "offline" and you'll be able to play games from same collection simultaneously. I don't believe you can, as of a few weeks ago in any case. When you drop offline, any shared library you had access to will drop off.

When changing connectivity during a session, your games terminate within 5 minutes. That's why I largely moved to board games. They are by definition optimized for multiplayer and finished in one seating. Dedicated servers by default. Board games practically don't get outdated.

Good ones are still widely played decades later. There's high innovation in game mechanics. Many of them aren't even turn-based. There are dexterity games and real-time games.

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There are games with simultaneous turns, where you only wait for the slowest player. And you get to make friends. This is assuming that the game opts into family sharing, or else you don't get to share nil. I've been using Steam as the main means of communication with a lot of people, but these days the chat client is slow, outdated, lacking in basic features and tends to insert annoying redirections before shared links or remove them outright when you're using a shady site like, I dunno, Google Docs.

Hence I'm trying to figure out how to get everyone to migrate to discord.

Parents say

I know why you're being sarcastic, but the Discord client DOES feel more responsive to me in daily usage. Especially if you're planning on clicking any links, which in Steam does a background API call to the Steam servers to check whether you should see the pointless redirection screen. This sometimes takes several seconds, and there's zero UI indication of what's going on. If you're impatient and you click the link several times, it will the open in multiple tabs at the same time. Okay, the chat itself in Steam is pretty fast unless you attempt to send an emote. The problem is, there's zero message delivery guarantees, and the client doesn't even care to inform you whether the message has been successfully sent.

If you're on an unreliable internet connection, your best bet is to close and re-open the chat window to see whether the messages made it to the server in the mini chat log that shows the last messages that's the extent of the client's chat history feature by the way. It's an usability nightmare.

This isn't about how fast Discord is but about how bad of a job Valve is doing I'm not even certain present tense applies here given that the chat client has essentially not received any major new features for like a decade. The UX for Discord around group chat is also miles ahead of Steam's.

Unlimited history, granular notification options with mentions, rich media embedding, third party integrations, and seamless voice chat support and now with video chat and screensharing to boot. Meanwhile Steam's chat client has been stagnating in terms of both features and UX for what feels like a decade. Me too, but mostly because a couple of the book bundles had 50 or so titles. I've bought a lot more game bundles than book bundles. I got in a bit late, but the first bundles were still pretty fantastic.

Portal Knights

I loved the fact that they had Linux games. But eventually quality started slipping. For example, their claims that a game runs on Linux are very unreliable. Some games just work out of the box with no sweat at all. Some of them work after some tweaking installing packages, etc. But I have at least 8 games that either don't work on Linux at all fail to start due to errors or segfaults or have some serious issues random crashes, game breaking bugs. Windows versions of those games worked on wine, so I just swallowed the loss, but it did leave a bad taste in my mouth.

But this is just sloppy quality control. Most of the problems I have mentioned would be detected immediately by simply running the game on the recommended configurations. Had one hiccup "X3: Terran War Pack" Their quality control seems to be a bit better, and their community forums are helpful so far , so I'm happy. Pity that they don't have more Linux games I like. But yeah in terms of games the last bundle I bought was probably more than 2 years ago.

Yeah, I got a similar deal for a bunch of no no starch press ebooks about a year ago, i'm not a gamer but much appreciate their book sales. I think they've done rather well for themselves, given their success. They still support charities in a major way, and haven't given into DLCs the way Steam has. All have been great values, if you know what you want. Even if you don't, you're giving to charity and you can gift the games to someone.

Humble has been as much a traditional retailer as it has been a charity focused pwyw shop for quite a while. As well as no longer caring if games are cross platform. I mean I still shop there because it's as good a retailer as any but they are no longer significantantly different than GOG or Steam. I honestly had completely forgotten about their charity contributions. In my mind they had become another digital game shop. I'm curious, does it say somewhere what the total amount they have contributed to charity over all the years?

That is pretty impressive. As a Linux gamer, the fact that some of the non-Humble Indie Bundles contain games I can't run is annoying I am fine with these being offered, just don't mail me about them unless I can run them , but the Humble Indie Bundles tend to contain exclusively or nearly exclusively cross-platform games, like they always have. Steam too annoys me in this respect, would be nice to have the option to hide all promotions and indeed content about games one can't run. At the very least, GOG is an independent game retailer.

For most of the games you'll see on the Humble Store, what you actually get is just a Steam key for that game. There's a few indie games where they've funded porting work for one of the Humble Indie Bundles, but I doubt many of those are exclusive to the Humble Store. I was looking through today's GOG sales and I saw they've started to introduce DRM on some of their titles, so buyer beware, they're starting to go downhill too. From what I can tell, the original retail release had support for LAN play, direct connections, and various third-party server browser options, all of which they removed so they could lock multiplayer behind a DRM wall that requires the GOG Galaxy client.

Right, but the game wasn't released by, or even exclusively on GOG; it's also on Steam, for example. So I doubt the decision was theirs. And while it may suck, I don't think it can be considered DRM. Better question: how much of that did IGN decide to give to charities? Deimorz on Oct 14, That HN submission was softkilled almost immediately it fell of the front page near immediately, presumably by flags by people who aren't interested in random gamer stuff.

And now the story is 1 on Hacker News. This is a case where HN's rule of original titles can be somewhat annoying. Whats the actual strategic thinking behind this? IGN expanding into retail? They're effectively media company. I dont see any sense in this acquisition. And that worries me. Do they understand what made HB so successful, are they going to give it managerial autonomy, what are their plans? Does this mean that they will only stick to game bundles? I really like the e-book bundles they do. IGN covers a lot more than just games nowadays.

Movies, etc. Damn, I hope they won't close the section that lets you buy most Steam games all year round. Unlike regular Steam, it doesn't have the frustrating "geolocation-locked" limitation the Steam store has in Germany which is very frustrating when you're not German, just an expat. At least Apple's AppStore lets you buy from your own country's store instead of assuming the country from geolocation.

Is there any possible way to make all my Humble Bundle e-mail and information not be shared with IGN database? Sadly I had trouble getting most of the Linux games running, at least on Debian thanks multiarch. I have also bought a few titles off their web store, all you get there is a Steam key.

However, I just bought two book bundles over the past month. They are still fantastic. Hopefully post IGN aquisition the book bundles will continue. I bought Cuphead week of release on GOG to show my support. It may be Windows only but it was DRM free at launch. Valve get nothing when you purchase a steam key from another sales platform.

They allow the free use of their drm and content delivery platform to acquire new customers, and keep existing customers locked in. Personally DRM free takes precident. I haven't bought a AAA game through steam since Portal 2. DRM free Humble Bundles next. Humble store steam keys as a last resort.

I wonder how much of this is IGN wanting to get into a SaaS business and see this as a way to acquire there way there, and take on Steam?

That could add a nice revenue stream and help let them diversify from the advertising model which is increasingly facing downward pressure on RPMs from companies like FB and Google. Interestingly enough, if built up sufficiently, it lets them better align their interests with their users. Instead of making the experience slower and more cluttered with additional display ads, they can focus on creating an awesome UX if you become a subscriber of course.

As a gamer, I have my doubts about this happening given IGNs history, but one can always be hopeful. In the words of Adam Jensen - what a shame.

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Though HB says: "We will stay the same", I'm sure practically everyone knows that that won't be the case. I'm a monthly bundle subscriber since inception. I don't check the monthly bundles regularly more like two-three-four times a year , but always find games that I enjoy and wouldn't have discovered otherwise. Best of luck to them. JepZ on Oct 14, Actually, over the pas month I was hoping Humble would return to the old days, not in terms of qantity but in therms of quality. The first bundles had some great titles like Braid and World of Goo, but later on there were some gems like Stardew Valley , but in general there were a lot more mediocre games.

Sadly, I doubt that IGN has increasing the quality as the prime target in mind. I just bought their crypto book humble bundle - first for a long time - decent price for 11 ebooks I can't wait for IGN to put their name all over stuff like they own it, like they did with almost everybody's cheat codes submitted to the old cheat codes site that they bought, including codes I had submitted.

Any they've never bothered to fix them even after notification, either. Just wait and see. The garbage self-marketing begins now. I doubt this will be good for the little guys. Personal experience in the games industry here. Maybe I am wrong. Wish I could pay for multiple bundles at once. If someone wants to create a new bundle store: How about bundeling every Feral Interactive release AAA cross platform with about 5 indie cross platform titles? I guess we can say goodbye to any kind of Linux support then.

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Wasn't IGN almost Steam in a previous life? You mean GameSpy? Yes, that merged with IGN and subsequently went into oblivion. They did own Direct2Drive to buy, download, and manually install games, FilePlanet to manually update games and download demos, and GameSpy to chat with friends and find multiplayer servers.

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Creating a sequel without playing all the same notes and making it feel like Portal : The Longer Version is a tough task. For Valve, it's apparently. This week Valve's long awaited sequel to 's Portal, Portal 2, hit stores for Xbox , PlayStation 3, PC and Mac. In addition to a host of.

That covers most of Steam's functionality, I guess. But it was all spread out and I don't think they ever made any moves towards trying to pull it all together into a single offering. Which might be a good sign for Humble's continuing independence, if IGN is still running things the same way but OTOH, all of those separate sites eventually just withered and died under IGN's ownership. I don't think so. We display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. The star rating reflects overall quality and learning potential. Learn how we rate. Google Tag Manager.

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Ease of Play. Simple controls, easy to learn. Continue reading Show less. Stay up to date on new reviews. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. User Reviews Parents say Kids say. Adult Written by jasonjak March 14, Innapropriate I think this is a ripoff of minecraft should be deleted. Report this review. Parent of a 6 and 8 year old Written by thewallaby September 3, Good Minecraft based sandbox title with better graphics and modes than Minecraft There is no more violence than there is on Minecraft.

However, the game is beautiful compared to Minecraft and the gameplay much more fluid. There is no nudit Continue reading. There aren't any reviews yet.

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Be the first to review this title. What's it about? Is it any good? Talk to your kids about Magic and Fantasy. Monsters, Ghosts, and Vampires. Science and Nature. For kids who love creativity. Best Creative Apps. Adventure Games for Kids. Our editors recommend. Sandbox-style game with open online play fosters creativity. Finicky but fun Minecraft-style game set in a 2D world.